Jenna is an independent environment & design journalist and communications strategist who works with architecture, lifestyle, and tech brands like CNN, Metropolis, Edible, Gucci, Moonfarmer, and more. Her work helps people reconnect with the natural world, their creativity, and each other. 

Jenna is also the Creator and Host of the Notes on Doing Podcast, featuring conversations with people who love what they do. The podcast has thousands of listeners and a book in production. 

Jenna brings over 8 years of experience in strategic communications consulting, digital media, and public affairs to the table. She graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University.

During other hours Jenna loves traveling, languages, and Chinese martial arts. She lives and works in Brooklyn and in cities around the world. 

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Current Schedule 
October: Chicago, Milwaukee, Hudson Valley, New York 
November: Maui, Honolulu, New York 
December: New York, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris
January 2018: Miami, New York