Hi there! Have you ever disliked writing emails? Do you want people to know exactly what you mean, and be excited about what needs to happen next? 

Whether you’re writing to your client, boss, colleague, or friend – this hands-on workshop focuses on developing and/or refining your ability to craft great emails that are well-received by recipients.

I've taught this class in person and now am offering it as a downloadable PDF so that you and your friends can continue to learn from it.

The PDF is fun, clear to understand, and covers: 

- Building language and anecdotes to communicate your concept(s) 
- Understanding phrasing, tone, copy/pasting, linking, and format do’s and dont’s
- Channeling support towards your idea while still being yourself
- Establishing next steps, points of action, and questions 
- Developing your own email template to use in the future

Also included with the PDF download is that I'll personally answer one email question that you have. 

Price: $15 per person
Payment: Venmo me from your phone at @jennamatecki, and include your email in the notes. From there you will receive a personal confirmation email from me as soon as I can send it and a link to download the PDF. You can also PayPal me at jenna@mateckico.com but Venmo is best. 
Sample slides: At the top of this page are three sample slides from the class. 

Want a live version of this class? Say hi at jenna@mateckico.com and we can arrange a time where I can teach the workshop at your work, school, or 1:1 together.